The Savage North

The Savage North is a windswept wilderness renowned for the primeval beasts that inhabit it. Aurochs, cave lions, glyptodons, smilodons, woolly rhinos,and several varieties of mammoths and mastodons are just some ofthe massive creatures found here. On the realm’s north eastern border, at the foot of the Crown of the World, lies a series of deep craggy valleys warmed by hot springs and volcanic vents. Here among tropical plants dwell dinosaurs and prehistoric animals, and nestled deep within the mountains is a cavernous pit. This passage leads to a primordial lost world far underground, an underworld with its own false sun, inhabited by great saurian beasts from another age.

Native Északi tribespeople hunt the various herds of great beasts that roam the Savage North. These groups live a nomadic existence, moving on when prey grows scarce. Family units combine together to form tribes, which in turn combine to form “followings” under the leadership of powerful and daring warriors, the Északi. In a realm where aggressive strength is key to survival, numerous Északi tribes venerate Krorm, while a few renegade followings even pay tribute to Bel for his destructive might. Most also worship Valaren, the Sky Woman, as the goddess of nature and primal energies, and the wildness of life depicting her as a gallant woman astride a powerful elk. The folk of the Savage North are suspicious of the foreign magics of outsiders,and shun them in preference for the traditional rituals of their bloodspeakers and elder shamans. These superstitions stem in part from the hostile lands that border their realm-the dark witch-held forests to the west, and the malignant demonic cancer of the Sundering to the north and east. These expansionistic domains encroach on the realm’s borders, and are held at bay only by the raw barbaric ferocity of the Északi and the unforgiving, desolate nature of the land itself.

The origins of the  Északi stretch back to the Age of Elders. The  Északi are the descendants of The Elders. Having survived the great cataclysm which destroyed most of the Elders civilizations. The survivors, reduced to a stone-age level of sophistication, eventually found themselves locked in multigenerational warfare with survivors of a Dwarven colony. This prolonged conflict caused the Elders to further devolve into little more than ape-men. With no memory of their history or even of language and civilization itself, these beings eventually redeveloped into a people known as the Északi.

The Északi people’s hardiness and military prowess, as well as to their many other impressive skills are well known. They can climb seemingly unscalable cliffs, track humans and animals with ease, and stalk their prey without making a sound. They are tall, dark with light colored eyes, and exceptionally strong. Despite these almost super-human attributes, they are an “uncivilized” and tribal people. Their governing body is vaguely alluded to as the elders, suggesting a sort of tribal oligarchy. The apparent primitiveness of the Északi and their sense of justice often juxtaposes the malevolence of the “civilized” races in Egeszfold, with the “barbarians” as the just and noble, while the kings and “civilized” men and women are seen as ruthless and corrupt.

Északi followings frequently raid giant tribes, capturing and enslaving young giants to raise them as foundlings and teach them the ways of the great open plains. 

The Savage North

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