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Welcome to Egeszfold (edge-ez-vold)

Thanks to a mastery of the arcane arts, the great cities of the continent of Kert Mesék contain all manner of enchanted conveniences. Magic is industry across the face of Egeszfold, and magic and science are one in the same.

The advances and conveniences made possible by magic enhance the otherwise medieval world. Magic and the arcane arts allow for technology that in some ways mimic technology of the Edwardian era of our world. Magical scrolls provide communication between distant locations, a railroad powered by magic connects major cities and routes among the civilized regions, and android-like Clockwork Mechs serve as servants and soldiers. Magic is the super-science of Egeszfold and exists to accomplish the otherwise impossible— if you can find the right magician and you can pay for the privilege.

Welcome to Egeszfold; have a nice day.

Introduction To The World Of Egeszfold
Mythras City of Dreams
City of István
Królestwo the Realm of the Wood Elves
The Savage North
Religions of the Empire
Magic in Egeszfold
Thieves World
The Seekers
Races of Egeszfold

Home Page

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