Introduction To The World Of Egeszfold

The original race of Egeszfold, the Deému, were created by the god Egysten to tend Egeszfold as his garden. In time however the Dému grew proud and began to tend to the garden for their own pleasure ignoring Egysten and seeking to become gods themselves.

As the Dému became more and more powerful they began to encroach on the territory of heaven. They erected five towers to rip a hole in the fabric of space and time and open the very doors of heaven itself, but when they did they created the Sundering and opened doors to great cosmic horrors that exist in the universe that had since fallen into a deathlike sleep— horrors that were never meant for this world. Egysten chose to save his creation from the evil they unleashed on themselves and destroyed the towers in a great cataclysm. With an ancient evil now present in the world and the world in chaos, Egeszfold fell into a dark age. From the Sundering the Taint began to seep through the tear in the fragile membrane between the planes and distortions of the Elders and Egysten’s once perfect creation began to emerge. Elves, dwarves, humans, halflings, and many others, and with it The Taint brought new evil into the world and unnatural monsterous creatures and horrors also began to emerge.

One of the few remaining Dému, István, found favor with Egysten and it was prophesied that from him a king would be born—a king who would end tyranny, bring peace, banish evil, and rule all the nations. István gave birth to a son, András who was the father of the elves. András gave birth to 12 sons who became a nation. Egysten meant for the nation of András to become a blessing to Egeszfold, reconciling creation with its creator and using the blessings bestowed upon them to bring blessing to the other nations of Egeszfold. This would prove true but for a time.

András became a kingdom, but was a family first. There was a bond among them of blood as well as a bond of faith. But these bonds were broken soon after the death of Lorand the Wise. Lorand’s heir chose to rule the nation for his own glory. The Kingdom split in two. The story of the Divided Kingdom is one of wars, political intrigue, and rebellion against Egysten. Both kingdoms saw periods of rebellion, but in the Northern Kingdom it was a case of rebellion without reprieve forcing all of Egeszfold to take a side

Over time, this decades long conflict became known as the Great War, and everyone thought that when it finally ended, the taste for bloodshed and rebellion would be wiped from the face of Kert Mesék. The Great War continued for more than a century, with every Nation of Egeszfold alternately fighting against or alongside one or more of the Twelve Houses of András as animosities and alliances shifted like the wind on the Plains of Apokalipszis. In time, new nations formed as deals were made and opportunities presented themselves. After over a century of fighting, one leader rose to power creating a great and vast empire. The Great War came to an end.

Today, the nations of Kert Mesék seek to rebuild and prosper as the new peace spreads across the land. While technically at peace under the rule of the empire, the nations continue to vie for economic and political supremacy. Minor skirmishes break out every so often, especially in the more remote sections of the continent and on the most hotly contested borders. Espionage and sabotage are the preferred method of diplomacy, since the nations engage in trade and discussion in public while working intrigues and double-crosses in the shadows.

Introduction To The World Of Egeszfold

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