Religions of the Empire

By far the most popular religion in Egeszfold is magic. Magic at some level permeates every part of life and society on the continent of Kert Mesék and the “Free Cities.”

As for the gods of Kert Mesék, it is not apparent that they actively involve themselves in the common world of Egeszfold. Some even wonder if they exist at all, although never publicly. It is only a select few who seem to have true knowledge of the gods and those who do belong to elite and secretive organizations. For some, religion is followed out of fear and others for some benefit that it provides and for others merely out of tradition. Whatever religion people choose to follow there are often references to faith and spirituality and the stating as fact things that more properly belong to myth and legend.

The state sanctioned religions of the empire are the the worship of the three minor gods, Ura Tüzek the god of brimstone and fire, Malik Dim the god of death, Öröm Asheth the goddess of nature and pleasure, and Parak Bir – The Brilliant One who rules over the others.

The worship of the elven creator god Egysten still exists in a small part but mostly out of reverence and adherence to traditions and culture. The largest population with any form of ritual worship is in the City of István where the ruins of the great temple remain.

Religions of the Empire

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