Egysten is the creator of the universes and everything in it, he is the “All Father.” After the great cataclysm and the Great War most of the world chose to ignore Egysten allowing and sometimes will fully destroying most written information and forrmal worship. Most of what was known about Egysten has been lost. Today he has become to almost everyone a farie tale or myth. Although it would seem to many that if Egysten does exist, he like Dr. Frankenstein brought forth creation and then abandoned it.

Recently a group of resistance fighters known as the Zelots have been taking action in the name of Egysten. Using ancient laws and tradition to fuel their anti-empire religious movement, they believe they are ushering in a new age. The Zelots believe in an ancient prophesy that tells of a once and future king. A warrior king and messiah who will set the captive race of István free and make them rulers over all Egeszfold. They believe that current events and signs point to the coming of the king and through their own actions they intend to hasten the day.

Another group who worship Egysten are known as the “Followers.” Egysten speaks to his followers in dreams and fragments of lost scripture. He calls them to restore his temple, restore his word, and build his church. The followers are to bring blessing, peace, and healing to a dying world.

Use The Lightbringer in the D&D Next character packet


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